Where do I get content for my site?

If you are promoting a sponsor’s site, then the sponsor will provide you with a limited amount of content in the form of banners and possible product reviews. However, this is usually never enough to build a decent website, so whether you are promoting a sponsor’s website, or are promoting your own products or services, your website will need regular, fresh content to encourage repeat visitors, keep the website current and relevant, ensure frequent indexing by the search engines, and to rank for various keywords in the SERPS (search engine results pages).

Content can come in many forms depending on the type of website that you plan on operating and may include;

Audio recordings
Banners / Graphics / Images / Illustrations
Cartoons / Comics
Charts / Graphs
Mobile apps
News Stories
Online games
Polls, surveys and questionnaires
Press releases
Product reviews

While you can create some of the website content yourself, it might also be worth considering outsourcing some of the content creation that you need. There are plenty of freelancing sites where you can post a job, hire whichever bidder you’d like for a set price and pay once the job is completed and you are totally satisfied. Some site owners prefer to produce most of their website content, but if you don’t have the time, patience or know-how, then micro job sites may be worth considering.