What do I need to set up an online business?

Besides having Internet access and a mode of communication such as email, your needs will vary depending on what your business idea is.

If your business idea is to sell tweets on your popular and active Twitter account, then all you really need is a Twitter account.

If your business idea is to offer your services through a micro job site, then all you will probably need is an account at the micro job site.

If your business idea is to promote a sponsor’s products and services, then you will probably need a website to promote the sponsor’s products and services. So for example, if you’d to promote a range of hosting services, then you might want to purchase a Web Hosting Directory Script that will enable you to display the types of products and services that your sponsors are offering.

If your business idea is to directly sell your own products or services, then you will most likely need a website to showcase your products and advertise your services.

The site design and the script that will power your site, will depend on the type of site that you have in mind.

For example;

– An online business directory would need a business directory script.

– An online games arcade, needs games and a games directory script.

– A joke site needs a jokes script.

– A classifieds site would need a classifieds script.

– An auction site would need an auctions script.

So basically, the needs of each person will differ depending on the type of business idea and website that one is interested in building.

Other factors that you will need to take into consideration include the type of hosting service that you will need, how you will promote the site, how you will accept payments, tax issues, etc.