Set up a web hosting directory

A web hosting directory is basically a site that lists and reviews web hosting companies, the services they offer, and how much they charge. Some web hosting directories also allow current and former users of a web hosting company to comment and share with other readers their experiences with the web host in question. With literally thousands of web hosting companies out there, a good web hosting directory can be invaluable in helping a person to choose the best web host for one’s particular needs and budget. Google the words “web hosting directory” to see examples of web hosting directories.

How will setting up a web hosting directory help you to generate an income? You’d need to join the affiliate programs of the web hosting companies that you plan on promoting. Then you’d promote the web hosting company through the affiliate link so that you will receive credit for any customer referrals. This way you would receive payment every time you generate a sale for a web hosting company. While some web hosting companies will pay an affiliate a once-only payment for every customer that is referred to them, other web hosting companies will pay an affiliate recurring monthly payments for the life of the customer. So be very careful when deciding on which web hosting companies to promote.

Some of the best website scripts to use for setting up a web hosting directory include; PHPLinkDirectory , PHPMyDirectory , eSyndiCat and Directory Press

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