Sell your photos

Do you have an interest in photography and taking photos of animals, art, nature, food, cities, concepts, sport, fashion, architecture, people, jewelry, lifestyle, transportation, special occasions, etc? Then you can turn your hobby into an online business by selling your photos on your own website. Alternatively, you might want to sell your photos through OR to a third party website.

Selling your photos on your own website is more advisable since you can sell a photo an unlimited number of times. However, by selling it to a third party site, you will lose all rights to it and the ability to keep generating an income from it.

To sell your photos from your own website, simply set up a website and install a shopping cart. There are many ways and sites that offer online shopping carts, but one of the best and most convenient shopping carts in the PayPal Shopping Cart.

You should watermark all photos before displaying them on your website. uMark photo and video watermarker is a great watermarking tool.

Lastly, remember to write an effective license agreement and a set of terms and conditions that tell the buyer what they can and can’t do with the purchased photos. If in doubt about what to write, look at other photo selling sites to get an idea of what to include in your license and terms of usage agreement.

If you choose to sell your photos through OR to a third party image site, then here is a list of websites that might be of interest to you.

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