Micro job sites

Micro job, also known as micro task or freelance sites are sites which enable you to outsource single tasks or temporary jobs to freelancers. Micro jobs can include writing product reviews, graphic design, installing website scripts, online marketing tasks, programming, translation and much more. So if you don’t have the time, motivation, patience or knowledge to complete a task yourself, then you can always use a micro job site to hire someone to complete the task for you.

Most micro job sites will allow you to post a job, enabling freelancers to bid on your job. Interested freelancers will give you a price quote and an estimated date of completion. Then it is up to you to read the reviews that former customers wrote about the freelancers and choose which freelancer to hire.

Most micro job sites will also display the products and services offered, along with the freelancers who are offering them, and their prices. Then all you have to do is to select the category in which you are interested, for example, graphic design, and hire a graphic designer to design a logo for your site.

In addition to hiring freelancers to complete mini jobs for you, you can also use these micro job sites to offer your own products and services to potential customers. The best way to understand how micro job sites work is by visiting them and browsing through the pages.

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