How should I offer customer support?

Whether you are selling your own products or services, or whether you are promoting a sponsor’s products or services, the easiest and most convenient mode of communication is email. Although you can also offer live chat and telephone support, these would be mainly used by persons who are selling their own products and services, and even then, email would still be a more convenient mode of communication. As a business manager, you really don’t want to be receiving telephone calls in awkward places and at odd hours when a simple email query would have sufficed. Some websites do offer live chat, but again, that is mostly used by persons who are selling their own products and services.

So if you plan on selling your own products or services, and you’d like to go one step further than your competitors by offering your customers more ways to contact you, then you may choose to publish your business telephone number, live chat link and email address on your website. For example, if you want to make and sell stuffed toys, then you will need to directly communicate with your customers and deal with pre-sale queries, orders, shipping, complaints, refunds, etc. In this scenario, you will be dealing directly with the customers, so you will need to provide them with a way or a number of ways to contact you. Again, for the sake of simplicity and convenience, email is usually the most preferred mode of contact.

Additionally, you may also choose to post a “Frequently Asked Questions” section that will answer most of the questions that your website visitors may wish to ask you, so that they don’t have to contact you with these questions.

However, if you only intend to promote a sponsor’s product or service, then the sponsor will have customer support representatives that will deal with the customers that you have referred. In this case, the bulk of your communication will be with the sponsor and not the customers that you have referred to the sponsor. So you will only need to provide the sponsor with an email address, and usually also a telephone number through which you may be contacted. For example, if you are promoting “Shop 123” for a commission, then “Shop 123” will directly deal with the customers that you have referred. You only need to deal with “Shop 123” about your advertising agreement, and whatever commission payment you are owed.