How much time will managing an online business take?

The most time consuming component of establishing an online business is usually designing and building a website, joining affiliate programs, adding advertising links, adding regular content, marketing the business to a target audience, and establishing a loyal customer base. Depending on the nature of the online business, and what is involved to set it up, the process of establishing an online business can take anywhere from a few hours to a few months. After setting up the online business and establishing a loyal customer base that generates a steady income, one might decide to do the bare minimum by replying to email queries and updating the information on the site once a week or so. However, one might also decide to work 8+ hours a day to answer emails, update site info, add more content, add more site features, find more places to advertise, build a social media presence and really grow the business. So the amount of time that it will take to manage an online business depends on the type of business in question, and how much time one chooses to put into it.