Do I need to hire staff?

Hiring casual, part time or full time staff would add a significant expense to a new home based online business that may or may not have generated an income.

Instead of hiring staff that you need to pay on a regular basis, why not simply hire people on a contract basis when you need them?

For example, let’s say that you need a logo design for your site. You can simply post a “logo designer wanted” advertisement on a micro job site and wait for an X number of people to contact you with their offers, prices, time frames, etc. One designer might quote you $10 and 24 hours to complete the task. A second designer might quote you $50 and 3 days to complete the task. A third designer might quote you $100 and 7 days to complete the task. You can ask them for samples of their previous work, and read the reviews that previous buyers wrote about them before deciding which one to hire. You can always choose not to hire any of them, or negotiate your own price, or keep the ad running for a longer period of time, or simply post the ad on another micro job site.

This way you won’t need to hire anyone on a regular basis. You can simply hire freelancers when you need them.