Build a website

Building a website is usually one of the most exciting parts of establishing an online business. There are many decisions that you will need to make before you start putting a website together.

What is the main objective of your online business? What type of script or program will you need to power it? If you would like to set up an online classifieds site, then you will need a classifieds script, an auction site needs an auction script, etc.

From where will you acquire the script to power your site? Will you use, which is a free, powerful, popular and widely used website creation tool written in PHP? Will you choose to purchase the script from one of the many commercial online script stores? Are you planning on building a HTML site instead? Do you have a particular design, color scheme, set of features, and a general idea of what you want to see in your website? How will you monetize the site?

One of the best ways to approach building a website is as follows;

1. Decide on what type of an online business that you wish to establish. Let’s say for example, that you would like to build a joke site and sell advertising space on it.

2. Google the words “joke sites” and take a look at the way these sites are designed and the features they offer. What are the scripts powering these sites? How are the sites making money? Which advertisers/sponsors are the site owners using to generate an income? Do they offer more than text jokes? Do they also have funny photos and videos?

3. Google the words “joke site script” and “joke site scripts” and you will see the various “Joke Site Scripts” that could potentially power your website.

You might decide to set up a site and use a free jokes plugin to add the jokes.

You might decide to purchase and use a commercial joke script instead.

You might even decide to build a HTML site using a free or commercial HTML template.

The choices and possibilities are virtually endless, so you don’t want to rush into it. Research, compare, read product reviews, discuss and ask questions before you settle on anything.

Two of the best forums that you can use to connect with other webmasters and ask for advice are Warrior Forum and Digital Point

Once you have decided on the type of site and script or software program that you need, you might want to use a micro job site to hire someone to install the script for you, if you don’t know how to install it yourself. However, the site that is selling the script will usually offer an installation service and will happily install the script for you if you choose.

Of course, the alternative to building a website or to hiring someone to build a site for you, is to simply purchase an existing website. There are many websites that people visit to search for sites that are for sale. Two of the most well known sites through which you can purchase or sell an existing website or domain are Flippa and eBay.